Janus Single Stake

Stake JNS and get xJNS to reach all applications and earn more JNS. No Impermant loss.

xJNS is an ERC20 token that can always be exchanged for JNS. When you stake your JNS to the stake pool, your JNS will be converted to xJNS at a certain rate. This stake pool allows you to obtain xJNS, which is the key to all other applications.

When you trade xJNS for JNS, it will gain in value over time. With the deductions in other applications and the withdraw fee, your xJNS amount will increase continuously.

Withdraw Fee

To continue earning rewards, you must keep $JNS tokens in the stake pool. To protect our long-term investors and reward them with more JNS, there is an 10% withdrawal penalty on the total amount of unstake. The longer you stay in the stake pool, the more you will be rewarded exponentially and you will benefit from xJNS and all other applications.

All deducted fee will be distributed to the stakers.

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