Janus Launchpad

Carefully selected blockchain projects IDO through our launchpad. Incubated companies receive seed capital alongside a host of value-add services such as: - marketing strategies - technical support - product development - UI expertise, KYC checks and code auditing - Brand development

Seed Fund: Incubator fund raised from our community to support incubated projects which are invested in pre-ICO to enable them to build out product, marketing and community.

What Makes Janus Launchpad Unique?

We built the xJNS token to represent the JNS token. xJNS is a non-tradable token with no value.

The xJNS token stake represents the purchased JNS token. With this system, you will be able to reach the new project in the Avalanche ecosystem in a fair way.

Detailed information about xJNS LINK

Fair Allocation

Small investors holding little JNS can get allocation in this system. There is no lower limit.


While new projects are launched with launchpad, we will support them in every process.

No Kyc

You can participate in projects that will be launched without KYC approval.

How to participate in the sale?

To participate in the pre-sales, you need to hold the xJNS token. According to your xJNS amount, allocation tiers will be shared for each pre-sale.

Allocations are purchased with stablecoins USDC.e or USDT.e.

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