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Janus NFT Staking

NFT staking provides one such opportunity for NFT users to make an extra passive income without losing the ownership of their NFT collectibles.
Over time, as the NFT market grows developers, investors, and artists look for new use cases for their Nonfungible token collection. One such utility that is capturing the attention of NFT enthusiasts is NFT staking.
Janus Network will invite all NFT projects to its ecosystem with NFT staking. We will provide NFT staking as a service after beta tests.

What is NFT Staking?

It refers to locking your digital assets in a decentralized finance platform. In effect, it fetches rewards to the NFT holders based on three major criteria including Annual percentage yield, staking period, and the number of NFTs kept at stake. This is called the staking reward that you can earn while still being the owner of your digital assets. Earning cryptos by staking NFTs you have at hand.

How to earn passive income from NFT Staking?

You can earn passive income by staking nonfungible tokens on a compatible staking platform. This can be valuable, especially for the long-term NFT holders or HODLers, which is a usual case with NFT collectors. They can lock their NFT collections for earning passive income, instead of holding them in a crypto wallet.

Janus NFT Stake System

Janus NFT Staking system has been released in beta. It will be offered as a service for different NFT projects after beta tests. To test it, you can buy a Janus NFT Stake Ticket from the Kalao Marketplace and earn xJNS by testing it.
NFT tickets are listed at 0.01 AVAX at Kalao and you can earn xJNS for 5 days by staking in the pool. You can send your feedback about the NFT staking via discord and telegram.